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Baby me!

Baby me!

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my loves

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I love asking people "What's your story?", so here's mine:

I was born and raised in a small town in south Louisiana in the 80's.  Canefield on one side, bayou on the other. I have the best/most fun family in the world. School was cool. Went to LSU for college and have lived in Baton Rouge ever since. 

I married super young but called it quits after 10 (yeah.....TEN) years. I wouldn't have the same zest for life had I not gone through all that.  I have zero regrets.

I bought a sick house in Mid City a couple years ago and LOVE the area. Me and my gang ride bikes and take walks and shit.  It's adorable. 

I'm a gainfully employed civil engineer because my high school physics teacher made me build a bridge out of manila folders and glue.  I was one of the rare college kids that never changed their major.

I like to party.  Ask my friends.  They call me "the machine" because I'll sleep when I'm dead. I don't know what FOMO means because I never miss out :)

There's some cool pics on all the other tabs.  I understand that I'm very fortunate to have had the experiences that I've had.  Life's an adventure.  What's the worst that can happen?