Hear me out.....

I am a ridiculous human being who recently ran with the opportunity to get on a comedy stage for a silly little idea that has been dying to come to fruition.

Ever seen the Netflix series Mortified?

This isn't that.  But it's close.  You see, I found my diary from 1997 last year and carried it around with me in my trusty backpack ever since.  Come to find out, when you're at a party and everyone is sauced as shit, it's fun to read out loud. 

The funny thing is, though, that it turns out to be MORE hilarious if other people read it aloud instead of me.  So, that's what you see above in the pic.  My good friend, Gus, helped me out big time and added his talents to my 10 minute open mic slot.  And I am fucking proud of what we did, y'all.

NOW I NEED YOUR HELP!  Please, please, please dig through your old shit and bring me all the embarassing/naughty/dark bits and pieces of your past.  There's one catch: You have to be willing to sit on stage while I act as your inner voice.  Inappropriate commentary and good times are guaranteed.

Let's bring some laughs to the community!  Will you help me out??

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