A PERIOD DRAMA: a collection of stories from Aunt Flow

Have a funny story about detaching from reality while on the rag??  ME TOO

My story:  The other day I was eating a salad in my cubicle at work.  I'm tired, cramping, and emotional as fuck for no reason. As I ate more and more of my lunch, the lettuce kept getting harder and harder to stay on the damn fork.  Instead of, oh I don't know....using my other hand or a knife to secure the lettuce to my utensil, I proceeded to violently stab the shit out of the uncooperative roughage while getting so riled up I almost angry cried.  Alone. In a cubicle. Over some fucking lettuce.  Shark week is hard you guys.

When I share this story with new people, they almost always have a similar, hilarious tale of going bat shit crazy over the smallest of things. Why not collect as many of these snapshots of life as a woman and make it a fun, colorful coffee table book that will have alllll your badass female friends saying "OMG ME TOO!!"

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If you are interested in helping us spread the word, let us know in your submission email!  We will send you 10 of our super cool business cards for you to pass out to other women in your city.  The more stories we have, the quicker we can make this a reality!

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